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Andy Partridge on Unwrap You at Christmas

FOR XTC's Andy Partridge, the Monkees were childhood heroes. He even won a competition in Monkees Monthly for his caricature of Micky Dolenz. A dream came true in 2016 when he wrote for the band's 50th-anniversary comeback album Good Times! His song You Bring the Summer was one of that record's highlights – as was the bonus track Love's What I Want. Two years later, he proves he can do winter just as well as summer with Unwrap You at Christmas, the lead single from the newly released Christmas Party

Mark Fisher, editor of The XTC Bumper Book of Fun for Boys and Girls, pulls out the crackers, pours a sherry and asks Andy some festive questions.
Our new single “Unwrap You at Christmas” is now available on #Spotify...written for us by the great Andy Partridge of XTC! — Micky Dolenz (@TheMickyDolenz1) 9 October 2018
When I was down in Swindon 18 months ago you played me your demo of Unwrap You at Christmas and I thought it s…